Sinkitimunkan  (Malayalam, Basheer Vaikom Muhammad)

Sinkitimunkan (Malayalam, Basheer Vaikom Muhammad)

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Sinkitimunkan (Malayalam) is a collection of short stories by the renowned Malayalam writer, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer.

Summary Of The Book

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer is a prominent figure in Malayalam literature. His stories are cherished for their down to earth style and the easy use of the language spoken by the common man, rather than the chaste literary Malayalam.

Sinkitimunkan is an anthology, it contains ten short stories by this author - Sinkitimunkan, Prakasam Ulkkollunna Naalu Kannukal, Ezhambaharinakkare Akkare Ninnoru Viliyattam, Christian Heritage, Moottasandesam, Vrukshangal, Erivinte karachil, Nilavil Thelinjukanda Mayamohini, Premakkurukkal, and Bharyayude Kamukan.

He wrote novels and short stories which dealt with the various themes that reflected the condition of Kerala society of his time. His stories could make the reader feel a lump in his throat, or have him laugh out loud, as it examines both the poignant and the humorous facets of human life. Sinkitimunkan (Malayalam) is a book for the collector's shelf. For, besides the ten selected short stories from this great writer, it also includes an interview with him.

About Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was a great Malayalam writer, and a participant in the freedom movement. He wrote novels and short stories that were realistic, and also a commentary on the society of his time.

Other books by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer - Maranaththinte Nizhalil (In the Shadow of Death), Muchcheettukalikkaarante Makal (The Daughter of the Cardshark), Sthalaththe Pradhaana Divyan (The Principal Divine of the Place), Aanavaariyum Ponkurishum (Elephant Scooper and Golden Cross), Jeevithanizhalppaadukal (The Shadows of Life), Pathummayude Aadu (Paaththumma's Goat), and Mathilukal (Walls).

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer was born in 1908 in a little village in Travancore. When he was still in school, he came under the spell of Gandhiji, whom he even saw close up once, an experience he cherished all his life. He began to take part in the freedom movement and was imprisoned for his activities. Every aspect of human life was grist to his literary mill and so his writing covers a number of themes and styles. Translations of his work have earned him widespread respect and recognition. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1982. He passed away in 1994.